Søren Kierkegaard

(May 5, 1813 – November 11, 1855)

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6 thoughts on “Søren Kierkegaard

  1. Kierkegaard <3. I have been reading his works since I was 18. I’ve read most of his pseudonymous works, all of his direct and upbuilding discourses, and hundreds of pages of his journals. It’s so exciting to find a blog like yours 🙂

      1. His name was mentioned in a commentary on Ecclesiastes. That started my quest to read Kierkegaard. Then I was fascinated by his authorship. How some of his works were written under pseudonyms to deceive and others were written as direct discourses. More than anything, Kierkegaard has taught me to consider perspective. My favorite works are Sickness Unto Death (pseudonym: Anti-Climacus), Works of Love, and Judge For Yourself. He became insufferably extreme at the end of his life, but I still love his point of view and his general eccentricity.

      2. So Anti-Climacus is an uber perfect Christian. Johannes de Silencio is supposed to be fascinated by the heroic aspect of faith but lacks belief. Nicolas Notabene writes prefaces of books he never finishes. D. Anthony Storm made a great website describing all of K.’s works

      3. I was surprised that you said “to deceive”, but now I think I know what you meant: the pseudonymous works do not necessarily reflect Kierkegaard’s own views, but they give the readers different and (to some extent) valid perspectives.

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