“Thirty-Six Stratagems” by Anonymous

[Original Chinese Title: 三十六計 | 三十六计]

Machiavelli’s “The Prince” pales in comparison with this Chinese classic on cunning and duplicitous maneuverings in war and politics.

“Thirty-Six Stratagems” was grounded in ancient Chinese philosophy and tested through many thousand years of political intrigue and warfare in Chinese history, and therefore has more depth and breadth, in my opinion, than Machiavelli’s work, which was based mostly on his own interpretations of cause and effect of historical facts.

1. 瞒天过海 2. 围魏救赵 3. 借刀杀人 4. 以逸待劳 5. 趁火打劫 6. 声东击西
7. 无中生有 8. 暗渡陈仓 9. 隔岸观火 10. 笑里藏刀 11. 李代桃僵 12. 顺手牵羊
13. 打草惊蛇 14. 借尸还魂 15. 调虎离山 16. 欲擒故纵 17. 抛砖引玉 18. 擒贼擒王
19. 釜底抽薪 20. 混水摸鱼 21. 金蝉脱壳 22. 关门捉贼 23. 远交近攻 24. 假道代虢
25. 偷梁换柱 26. 指桑骂槐 27. 假痴不癫 28. 上屋抽梯 29. 树上开花 30. 反客为主
31. 美人计 32. 空城计 33. 反间计 34. 苦肉计 35. 连环计 36. 走为上计

One thought on ““Thirty-Six Stratagems” by Anonymous

  1. How is it going pals? Since you are interested in classics, I would like to share with you the fact that scientists discovered that each human being gets a program at birth. All these programs are recorded within Collection of Mountains and Seas or Shan Hai Ching. Basically, everything is recorded by the use of images. It lists and also describes them. Additionally, they identified that I Ching (Zhouyi) and Tao Te Ching (by Laotze) are commentaries to Shan Hai Jing.

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