“From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne

Verne’s humor shines brightly all the way through this book. He makes good-humored fun of almost everybody and every nation under the sun. For a while, I thought I was reading a political satire. So funny and yet so true.

But of course, it’s no laughing matter to send men to the moon. Verne again impresses me with his detailed scientific knowledge, his prophetic and poetic vision of men’s relation to the universe, the sense of wonder and adventure, seasoned with suspense. All makes this book a delicious read.


I am neither theologian, nor chemist, nor naturalist, nor philosopher; therefore, in my absolute ignorance of the great laws which govern the universe, I confine myself to saying in reply, ‘I do not know whether the worlds are inhabited or not: and since I do not know, I am going to see!’

They did to others what they would not have others do to them, an immoral principle upon which the whole art of war is based.


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