“Memoirs” by Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney

Having finished reading his 1,000 plus page autobiography, I can’t help wonder why so many people and the media in Canada hate Mulroney. If nothing else, he is a great writer and teacher, I’ve learned quite a few things about Canadian history and politics, which I knew nothing about before. He wrote with warmth and humor about his political allies, his family and his personal relationships with other world leaders.

He demonstrated great vision and leadership in negotiating and launching the Free Trade Agreement. He had the arrogance and courage to do what he believed to be right for his country, oftentimes against public opinion ultimately to the detriment of his own party and majority government.

Constantly criticized for 9 years when he was on the job, betrayed by his close friend, and still accused of wrongdoing 14 years after he had left. It’s a tough job being 18th Prime Minister of Canada.

History seems to have vindicated him, however. The policies he implemented, both domestic and international, Free Trade Agreement, Acid Rain Treaty, GST, sanctions on apartheid South Africa, active participation in the UN and world affairs, have helped Canada’s economy, and made her one of the most respected countries in the world.


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